Don Papa X Funkin Bartender brunch

When Don Papa got in touch asking whether we would like to be involved in a cocktail Brunch, how could we say no? Pitched as 'an immersive experience containing a short masterclass and full range tasting of Don Papa Rum paired with a joint session with Funkin Cocktails'.

Industry professionals from across London were invited and welcomed with an Asian Mary. After a brief introduction into the Don Papa brand, Funkin and Don Papa ran a cocktail masterclass aimed at challenging the perception of how rum can be used in cocktails. The session ended with guests trying 1 bitter, 1 sour and 1 savoury cocktail using Funkin showcasing the versatility of both Don Papa and Funkin's products.



















The Bartenders Brunch was a great way to kick off Don Papa's three-week Filipino pop-up 'Casa Sugarlandia' at Shoreditch's 43 Great Eastern Street. Although the pop-up is now entering its last week there are still plenty of reasons to check it out - none more so that Don Papa's 'Dinner of the Dons' event hosted my British-Filipino supper club, The Adobros. Tickets for the event are still available HERE.

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