A-Z of Cocktail Flavours

Do you love a sweet Strawberry Daiquiri, or prefer a boozy Long Island Iced Tea? Let’s be honest, we all have our faves when it comes to cocktail flavours, which is why we’ve created some handy pages for you to find the perfect cocktails to mix up at home.


Recipes by Fruit

What's your favourite fruit cocktail? We've rounded up the very best cocktail recipes by fruity flavour...


Strawberry Cocktails

Strawberry icon

If you prefer a sweet tasting cocktail, strawberry is the perfect fruit for you. From Daiquiris to Woo Woos and all the twisted blends in between, strawberry cocktails offer a less boozy finish that’s perfect for any occasion. 

You can create strawberry cocktails in numerous ways, from fresh fruit to syrups and flavoured spirits. Our Strawberry Puree is a great alternative to making a mess mashing up fresh fruit, and tastes just as great (if not better!)


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Raspberry Cocktails

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If you’re not a fan of strawberry, raspberry cocktails are the perfect alternative. Although raspberries have a slightly sharper note than strawberry, mixing with a little sugar syrup can sweeten these serves right up!

Raspberry puree can be added to any of your favourite mixes to give them an extra fruity edge! Or, if you’re feeling extra lazy, try our Raspberry Mojito Cocktail Mixer.


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Passion Fruit Cocktails 

Passion Fruit Icon

The nation’s favourite cocktail, the Pornstar Martini, was originally created using Funkin’s very own Passion Fruit Puree. But, it’s not the only great serve you can make with this tropical fruit. We’ve created some tasty twists on this classic, as well as some bold new creations for you to try at home. 

There are other ways to add the flavour of passion fruit to your mixes. If you’re looking for something filled with the power of passion fruit, simply add a healthy glug of passion fruit syrup or Passoa liqueur.  


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Coconut Cocktails

Coconut Icon

Do you like Pina Coladas? Getting caught in the rain? Then we’re guessing you LOVE a coconut cocktail! Coconut offers a tropical finish and blends perfectly with other Hawaiian inspired flavours such as mango, pineapple, passion fruit and guava. 

No one has time (or energy) to mash up their own coconuts which is why we created our coconut puree - the perfect way to enjoy a pina colada whenever you fancy!


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Peach Cocktails

Peach might not seem like the go-to fruit for creating great cocktails, but this sweet little stone fruit gives your serve a super tasty edge - who doesn’t love a Peach Bellini? Have you tried our Ready to Drink Peach Bellini cans

Here at Funkin we get our sweet peach flavour from our White Peach Puree, but if you’re in the messy mood you can always mash your own...


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Recipes by Spirit

There's no denying it, different spirits give your cocktails a distinctive taste. We've made it easy for you to find the very best cocktails by their base spirit..

Gin Cocktails

Gin is the most loved spirit around, not to mention it mixes perfectly with a wide range of flavours - making it the perfect base for all the very best serves! Cocktails you know and love that are made with gin include the Tom Collins, the Negroni and of course the Bramble.. But why stop there? We’ve created some Funkin twisted gin cocktails for you to mix up! 


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Vodka Cocktails

the highball cocktail glass

Vodka is probably the most versatile cocktail base around. This subtle spirit can be brought to life with a simple squeeze of lemon or lime. Vodka can be found in some of the best cocktails, such as the Martini, the Cosmo and the White Russian - showing the different flavours you can make with this spirit. 


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Rum Cocktails

Why is the rum gone? Because we finished it off drinking all our favourite rum serves! Rum has a naturally sweet flavour made with sugar meaning it balances perfectly with citrus flavours, such as the lime in a classic Daiquiri. It doesn’t end there though - check out our great rum cocktail creations below.


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Whiskey Cocktails

Whiskey has a much stronger flavour than some of the other classic spirits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build the most delicious cocktails using this spirit - you just need the right mix! We’ve mixed up the classic Old Fashioned in a number of ways for those looking for a twist on the classic, as well as creating some fun new serves for you to try! 


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Prosecco & Champagne Cocktails

the coupe cocktail glass

Ok, ok, we know Prosecco and Champagne aren’t ‘technically’ spirits, but that doesn’t stop them from being the perfect base for a celebratory cocktail...or two. These bubbly wines are great paired with a splash of real fruit puree for a Bucks Fizz or Bellini inspired drink, or you can make it extra boozy with a shot of your favourite spirit in there too.  


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