Prepare the perfect James Bond-themed movie night with these five easy tips from Funkin Cocktails. From drinks to location, we've got you covered.

Send invites

To make your movie night seem special, send your guests invites which fit your theme. This time it’s James Bond, so think classic and chic. In this case, we suggest black and white, a classic scroll font text and always handwritten envelope. Miss Moneypenny would have it no other way!

Choose your film carefully!

Do you prefer an old-school classic or a new James Bond film? We love Daniel Craig (and rumour has it this is his last Bond film), but Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan are often family favourites! We had a vote in the Funkin offices and we think Casino Royale is a great all-rounder!

Prepare your treats

No one likes having to pause the film to get a drink or some popcorn, so be prepared! Sweet or salted, have the popcorn ready and make sure your favourite Funkin cocktail is within reach! If you want to give your friends a real treat, we suggest some fresh olives, nuts and maybe some smoked salmon canapes too, something Bond would approve of!

Location is essential

It's time to transform your house into a movie theatre! Set up a projector on the wall to create a home-cinema feel, make sure everyone can see the film from wherever they are sat in the room, have plenty of cushions, blankets and footstools around, so your guests can watch the film in comfort! No-one wants to be sat on a kitchen chairfor the length of a film.

Turn your phone to silent, and enjoy!

Just like in a real cinema, full concentration requires no disturbances. Before the film starts,welcome your guests to your party, let them know where the emergency exits are (toilets!) and ask everyone to turn their phone onto silent, just as they would at a real cinema! Once all that is done, it's time to get comfortable and enjoy your perfect Bond movie night!


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