Hoping to throw the New Year's Eve party of the season? Try these 10 NYE party tips from Funkin for hosting a celebration your guests won't forget!

NYE Cocktails

Invite to excite

Ok, so it's a million times easier to create a Facebook event to invite your friends to a party, but why not surprise your friends with a paper invitation in the mail. It will let your friends know you are planning a spectacularly festive party! Want to add a personal touch, why not get crafty and make the invitations yourself and fill the envelope with Christmas themed confetti and maybe spritz it with festive scent.

Be prepared

If your guests smoke or just want to get some fresh air, decorate your garden or balcony with some cute lights and maybe put some umbrellas and blankets out there to keep them cosy! December could bring snow, rain and definitely chilly temperatures so be ready!

Buy plenty of food and drink

A NYE party is guaranteed to continue into the early hours, so buy plenty of food to keep your guests satisfied. A variety of drinks is an essential – stock up on cocktails, soft drinks and champagne! You only celebrate this night once a year after all! Want to shop our cocktail mixers and party packs to make everything super easy? You can find everything you need here and if you spend over £25 standard delivery is free! With Funkin cocktails, all you need to do is add ice and spirit and you have a great tasting cocktail!

Set-up your party room!

Decorations are made to impress! Have a food table, a drinks table, and plenty of festive decorations. The Christmas decorations can remain, but add a touch of sparkle with some NYE banners!

Have entertainment

Your NYE party may have to entertain people of all ages, so prepare to entertain a younger audience! A different room with some films and snacks is perfect for children, and music is perfect for the older guests. Prepare your playlist in advance so you don’t have to keep changing the song!

Wearable decorations

As embarrassing as they may seem, wearable head decorations and silly glasses are perfect for photos when entering the New Year!

The big screen

Most people enjoy the big countdown on a big screen at parties so it’s necessary to be prepared for it when the time comes! You could even project the countdown onto a wall if necessary so that everyone can join in!

Be ready for midnight!

When the countdown does arrive, everyone needs to have a drink in their hand and be ready to start the New Year in style! Have champagne, cocktails or mocktails ready for your guests for when the countdown starts, and hand them out in plenty of time!

Take lots of photos

You want to be able to look back and remember this party, buy some disposible cameras and scatter them around sofas, tables and around the bar. Let everyone snap away and you never know what results you might get at the end of it! Also make a hashtag for the party so everyone can share their images on social media and everyone will be able to access them, just make sure the hastag is unique, #NYEPARTY will be used by half the world, so instead make it #SallyAndPaulRockNYE.

Go into the New Year in style

Wear something fabulous, which you look and feel comfortable in! If you hate wearing high heels, wear a mid heel / wedge, or even a pair of festive flats. If you don't feel comfortable in a dress, wear a pair of smart pants and pussy bow blouse instead. Or go rock 'n' roll with ripped jeans, a skinny scarf and cool blazer.

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